Cool Carbon Fiber Hat / RFID Skimming!


During this years, final:(, DerbyCon we saw a guy with a Carbon Fiber Derby! Very cool, very tough and made with CF of course and “bar resin” as he called it (instead of polyester resin). He was also giving a talk about some devices his company made for a client engagement that used Carbon Fiber cloth materials. While we didn’t attend the talk itself, we have watched it since and wow, really interesting work! We’re still a little skeptical it’s as easy as it was stated in the talk, but also kinda-sorta seeing what he (they?) claimed in the talk could 100% work. Below is a picture of the CF-Derby, outfitted with sound activated LED’s, a bluetooth speaker (exciter?) and googly-eyes naturally ;)
Link to the talk: RFID sniffing under your nose and in your face

Rich also posted a blog/follow up!